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Pronunciation Power 1

Includes 8 in 1 English Dictionary
Translations in 12 languages*

Improve your English pronunciation with:

Over 7000 practice words and thousands of sentences
Over 100 hours of training
Over 2000 photos and graphics
Animated lessons
1020 listening exercises
Hours of exercises for practicing Stress, Timing, Articulation, Intonation and Rhythm (S.T.A.I.R.)
Four interactive, exciting, new games
Pronunciation Power 1 is the ultimate in NEW English language learning technology
for beginner to intermediate learners. There is no other product like it!


Pronunciation Power 2



ImageShack Picture Uploader


InstallShield v11.5 Premier Edition

InstallShield® 11.5 Windows Premier Edition
The Premier Edition builds on the power and flexibility of the Professional Edition, while adding support for 33 languages and providing developers with a centralized repository that multiple installation authors can access and reuse.
Key Benefits
Support for the latest technologies, including Mcft® Visual Studio® 2005, . NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005. Author reliable, professional-grade installations every time with intuitive wizards
IPB Image Visual Studio 2005 Support IPB Image .NET 2.0 Framework Support (MSI) IPB Image Mcft SQL Server 2005 Support IPB Image FLEXnet InstallShield Collaboration Module IPB Image EXCLUSIVE! ClickOnce to MSI Converter IPB Image ClickOnce Support IPB Image Mcft Build Engine (MSBuild) Support IPB Image MSI Log Analyzer IPB Image DIFx 2.0 Support (Basic MSI and InstallScript MSI) IPB Image EXCLUSIVE! FLEXnet InstallShield Activation Module .






Kerio WinRoute Firewall sets new standards in versatility, security and user access control. Designed for corporate networks, it defends against external attacks and viruses and can restrict access to websites based on their content.

Deep inspection firewall
Kerio WinRoute Firewall, certified by ICSA Labs in the Corporate Firewall category, includes detailed rule definition to perform stateful inspection and protocol inspection of all outgoing and incoming Internet traffic. A network rules wizard assists in the rapid setup of the firewall. Bandwidth Limiter optimizes the data throughput for business critical applications.

Kerio's built-in SSL-based VPN server works in both client-to-server and server-to-server modes, allowing both branch offices and remote workers to securely connect to the corporate LAN. Clientless SSL VPN allows remote users to connect securely to the corporate network for file sharing from any computer with a browser and Internet connection.

Antivirus gateway protection
Kerio WinRoute Firewall provides optional virus scanning of inbound and outbound email, web traffic, and FTP transfers. In addition to a version with integrated McAfee Anti-Virus, there are several other anti-virus options to choose from.

Surf protection
The integrated ISS Orange Web Filter option blocks users from accessing to up to 58 categories of web content, reducing legal liabilities for corporate and educational environments.

Content filtering
Kerio WinRoute Firewall offers a variety of content security features such as MP3 music download blocking, filtering for potentially dangerous executable files or blocking of annoying pop-up windows. The P2P Eliminator automatically detects and blocks peer-to-peer networks such as Kazaa.

User-specific access management
Each user in the network can be required to log in to Kerio WinRoute Firewall before connecting to the Internet. That allows for restrictive security and access policies to be applied based on the specific user, rather than the IP address. Transparent Active Directory support simplifies user account mapping to Windows domains, and an auto-add feature allows for creation of user-specific policies before users autheticate.

Fast Internet sharing
Support for DSL, cable modems, ISDN, satellite, dial-up or wireless Internet allows administrators to deploy Kerio WinRoute Firewall in networks of all sizes and in all locations. Users can share one Internet connection with fail-over to a backup connection.

VoIP and UPnP support
Kerio WinRoute Firewall allows H.323 and SIP protocols to connect through it, eliminating the need to publicly expose the VoIP infrastructure to the Internet. Also, it integrates UPnP technology so that compliant applications such as MSN Messenger run instantly without requiring additional configuration at the firewall.

Administration, alerts and statistics
The administration console can be installed remotely to allow secure configuration from anywhere on the network. Every important event is reported to the administrator by email. Well-arranged charts and statistics help spot the problems and usage habits.




Stocklayouts Design Collections

tocklayouts Design Collections Indesign Greeting Cards
Stocklayouts Design Collections Vol 2 Indesign Flyers And Ads
Stocklayouts Design Collections Vol 2 Indesign Newsletters
Stocklayouts.Design.Collections.Vol.1.InDesign.Broshures-for DCF

Download + Addon

Template Studio Pro v1.7

Released 16 February 2006, the updated version now displays Photoshop PSD files with Layer Group Masks correctly. This is a major breakthrough. Take a look at our newsletter that highlights the difference between Template Studio, Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. NEWSLETTER

If you ever wanted to create stunning site styles for NetObjects Fusion, then possibly the only tool you will even need is Template Studio Pro - you can convert any template design in minutes in to a template like site style for NetObjects Fusion 8 or 9. Template Studio Pro is fast, intuitive, and very powerful. In less than 10 minutes you can take a template design, arrange your slices and export as a Fusion ready site style. All for $69.99


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Virtual CD 5.0


WebEditor 2006 Suite

Namo WebEditor 2006 suite is the visual Web authoring software that delivers the complete set of tools you need to get cutting-edge websites up and running in less time and with great results. With Namo WebEditor 2006 suite, you will have the freedom to build rich, expressive, professional websites regardless of your level of experience.


Easy recovery


Openoffice Premium 2.02

48.64 MB
48.64 MB
48.64 MB
33.23 MB

Canopus Edius Pro 3.0 + Update and Plugins [aWTZe]


458 MB

Adobe Font Folio 9.0

The complete professional type solution! The Adobe Font Folio collection contains more than 2,750 typefaces from the Adobe Type Library on two CD-ROM discs, unlocked and ready to use the ideal choice for design studios, advertising agencies, publishing houses, and service bureaus. The discs include the Adobe Originals collection of unique designs and classic revivals, and more than 175 fonts in the cross-platform OpenType Pro format. Plus, you get powerful type productivity tools, such as Adobe Type Manager Deluxe for organizing font sets and Adobe Type Reunion Deluxe (Macintosh only) for organizing font menus.


Adobe Font Folio OpenType Edition



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